Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

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Is Automated Forex Trading Profitable?

You can ensure profitability even before you begin trading by understanding the following:

  • Automated Trading : The Black Box
  • Avoiding Martingales/Grids
  • Scalpers : The Lure of Winning
  • Golden Rule of Trading and Understanding Risk/Reward
  • Social Trading : Pros and Cons
Forex Auto Trading Planning Ahead

Automated Trading : The Black Box

In automated trading, a software is used to execute trades on behalf of the trader. There is no trader interaction, other than setting parameters.

Commonly referred to Trading Robots or Expert Advisors, such software are nothing but a set of rules which dictate conditions for execution, modification and closure of trades. The strategy contained may be built using very simple indicators like moving averages or a much more complex Neural Network system.

Scammers and fly-by-night operators have marketed such Black Box systems terming them as the “holy grail” to novice traders only to destroy their accounts.

It is possible to auto trade profitably. However, traders need to differentiate between good and bad strategies. Understanding the basics is key to making profits with automated trading.

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