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Beware of Fake regulators & exchanges

Scammers may try to win your trust by saying they are regulated by an organisation that sounds legitimate. If they mention a ‘fake regulator’ featured on our list below, you know the offer is a scam.

In their website, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has provided a comprehensive list fake names used by scammers.

The organisations listed below are fake entities and no genuine government regulators exist under these names. Do not deal with them.

  • Alliance Financial Regulatory Board
  • American Futures and Options Exchange
  • American Futures and Options Trading Commission (AFOTC)
  • Beacon Commodities and Futures Exchange (BCFX)
  • Beacon Hill Regulatory Trade Commission, The
  • Belgium Commodities & Futures Exchange – (no longer works)
  • Board of Securities Trading Commission
  • Boston Mergers and Acquisitions Board
  • Bureau of Financial Services Board
  • Bureau of Financial Trading
  • Bureau of Foreign Security Affairs
  • Commission on Financial and Securities Compliance
  • Committee of Regulation and Liquidation on Private Ventures
  • Commodities Futures Trading Commission –
    (Please note that this fake regulator should not be confused with the legitimate US regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission which is
  • Commonwealth Regulatory Board
  • Department of Financial Trading
  • Department of Foreign Investment Control
  • Department of International Financial Trading
  • Department of Securities Trading
  • Digital Gold Exchange
  • Duetsche Anstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (DAFIN) –
  • East West Financial & Securities Compliance
  • Equities Trading Commission
  • European Futures Options Commission
  • Federal Assurance Regulatory Commission
  • Federal Mergers & Securities Board
  • Financial Assurance Regulatory Board
  • Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Belgium
  • Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Frankfurt (FSRAF) –
  • Foreign Shareholders Protection Department
  • Forensic Financial Fraud Investigators
  • Frankfurt Financial Supervisory Authority –
  • Futures Trading Standards Commission
  • Global Metal and Commodities Exchange
  • Global Regulatory Authority
  • Hong Kong Financial Services Authority
  • Hong Kong Financial Trading Authority (HKFTA)
  • Hong Kong Futures and Options Exchange (HKFOX)
  • Integrated Financial Regulatory Board
  • Inter-global Financial Regulatory Board
  • International Association of Transfer Agents
  • International Compliance Commission
  • International Equity Commission
  • International Exchange Regulatory Commission
  • International Offshore Financial Markets Regulators (IOFMR) –
  • International Organization of Securities Commission –
  • International Regulatory Commission
  • International Securities Tax Commission
  • International Shareholder Agency
  • Japan Futures Trading Fund (JFTB) –
  • Japan Options and Futures Trading Board –
  • National Compliance Regulatory Board
  • National Mergers and Acquisitions Board
  • National Shareholder Protection Agency
  • Office of Financial Affairs
  • Offshore Commodity Futures Dealers Association (OCFDA)
  • Offshore Futures Securities Association
  • Offshore Investors Protection Association
  • Options and Futures Trade Commission
  • Overseas Holding Compensation Commission
  • Plutus Private Equity LLC
  • Prudential Regulatory Board
  • Regional Regulatory Board
  • Regulatory Association Of Offshore Investment Managers
  • Regulatory Compliance Commission
  • Securities Regulatory Commission
  • Securities Regulatory and Investment Board
  • Sicfex Swiss International Commodities Futures Exchange
  • Swiss Commodities Futures Exchange
  • Thompson Brennan Stanley
  • Transfer Exchange Corporation
  • The Futures Exchange Securities Regulator
  • The International Board of Trade Commission
  • The International Regulatory Panel of Trade
  • United Kingdom Commodity Derivatives Association
  • United Kingdom Managed Futures Association
  • United States Trading Commission – no address or website
  • US Securities Investigative Committee
  • US Stock Regulators
  • World Options Exchange –
  • World Trade Commodities Exchange
  • Worldwide Securities Investment Comission –

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