Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

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Forex InfoBook Team is very happy to introduce to you INDEX MT4 EA which has been developed by Phibase Technologies. INDEX is a highly complex and professional trading system packaged into an easy-to-use fully automated MT4 EA. The strategy profits by trading the large moves created by strength or weakness of major currencies like YEN, USD, GBP and EURO.   INDEX is by far the most complex trading system available commercially and at the same time, it is also the simplest,  most user friendly MT4 EA.

Phibase is one of the most respected developers of trading strategies in the Forex community. Phibase is known for its honesty, professionalism at every level and they work towards making automated trading successful for their members.

Main Features:

  • Operates from one EURUSD chart – Easy to setup and get started.
  • Trades seven pairs [including GOLD]
  • Guarantees a quarterly win rate of 95%
  • Average gains of about 1000 pips per quarter
  • Potential annual gains of over +3000 pips with equity gains over 100% per year.
  • Short drawdown periods and quick recovery
  • Excellent risk:reward ratio of 1:2
  • High quality 12 year backtests available
  • Over one year in real trading (MyFxBook Verified results)
  • Only Commercial Forex strategy with performance assurance program
  • No Grid or Martingale Methods. Account capital is always safe.

This MT4 EA is available for subscription  in Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual options with performance assurance of +3000 pips per year.

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